Greater Gungnir Cluster

Session 1: Ruskie's and Drug Smuggling

Ruskie’s and Drug Smuggling

Our session began with the crew blinking into space outside of Gainko after completing a jump from a nearby sector. Having accepted a small side job to deliver some industrial scrap to a Mr. Frederik Morensev, the crew was on the way to meet with Nikolai Karlov’s brother Mikhail. The delivery of scrap went off without a hitch, and the crew received a tidy 4,000 Credits for their efforts.

After this delivery, Mikhail was contacted, and directed to crew to a warehouse some 3 hours away where the cargo was located. They opted to take public transport there, causing some concerned looks from the local businessmen on their way to and from work. Upon arriving, the crew found the warehouse empty, save for some small piles of crates and a lone delivery truck.

After checking out the contents of the delivery truck, and realizing that the cargo within contained Blue Dreams and some disassembled weapons, the crew received a video call from Mikhail’s number. The person on the other end was not Mikhail, however, and was some stranger who proceeded to blackmail the crew into transporting the drugs offworld by e-mailing them pictures of them with the drugs, and showing that the police were on the way to their location. The crew decided to deliver the drugs, with the promise of Mikhail’s freedom and a monetary reward.

Having eluded the police, the crew opted to let the heat die down and think of a plan before returning to the ship. This plan involved hiding the Blue Dreams under a layer of gun parts, forging papers that said the gun parts were legitimate, and having Hiroshima Nagasaki contact someone he knew on Gainko to help them out. The papers were forged easily enough by Damon, with Vol von Dractenburg’s assistance, and Hiroshima managed to get in contact with an old smuggling buddy on the planet to help out. Dimitri Gurov put Hiroshima in touch with a Port Authority worker named Pavel, who would let them through customs.

With the plan in action, the crew continued onward to the port. Vol and Nikolai were dropped off, and got the ship ready while the rest of the crew visited a fast food joint, Ruskie’s, to wait for the all clear. Upon arrival at the port, the remainder of the crew asked for Pavel, and was assured that all would be well as soon as Pavel got their departure papers in order. Unfortunately, due to his poor performance in recent time, an official decided to check over Pavel’s work to ensure that no contraband was leaving the planet. Due to the crew’s diligence in planning, the official was fooled, and the crew made it offworld without a hitch.

Now the crew was off to meet this stranger in open space, in order to transfer the drugs and recieve Mikhail, His gorgeous wife Katia, and the 12,000 credits promised. Upon arrival, the ships docked together, and the stranger and his crew boarded. They took the truck contaning the drugs, then made to hand Mikhail and Katia over, along with a Credstick. This proved to be a betrayal, as the stranger began attacking. The crew dispatched the pirates, save one survivor who surrendered, though not without Vol and Hiro taking heavy damage.

After gathering the drugs and returning them to the Speed Wagon, the crew was hailed by a new ship, which turned out to belong to Abike Ekim, a higher up in the Forlorn Brothers. Abike thanked them for taking out Idow Abaje (referred to earlier as the stranger), and paid them 20,000 Credits to scuttle the ship as well as the drugs, and made the offer of future work if they were ever in The Cadero Sector. The crew, however ,elected to keep most of the drugs and trick Abike, who then left presumably for home.

With the dire situation resolved, the crew questioned Mikhail, who told them of how his son was taken by the secret police for being a psychic. Mikhail took the job to the crew in hopes of raising money to bribe the police into giving him his son back. After some reluctance, the crew agreed to loan Mikhail 10,000 credits, to be paid back before the end of march.

The crew came out with:

  • 4,000 Credits (Scrap Delivery)
  • 1 Laser Rifle
  • 1 Submachinegun
  • 2 Semi-Auto Pistols
  • 2 Compads
  • 20,000 Credits (Scuttling Ship)
  • -10,000 Credits ( Loan to Mikhail w/ interest)
  • 27,000 26,000 Credits worth of Blue Dreams


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