• Atmosphere: Thick
  • Temperature: Temperate
  • Biosphere: Hybrid
  • Population: Millions
  • Tech Level: 3, 20th Century
  • Capital City: Großneuenwelt

Kirti is a temperate world with a thick, nitrogen-heavy atmosphere that requires all humans to wear a filter or re-breathing pressure mask at all times while outside. The planet has varying biomes across its surface, with frigid temperatures at its poles and dryer climates closer to its equator. The majority of its population, around 500 million, reside in the dryer, scrub regions or the verdant, plains regions of either of its two major continents. Surrounding the populated continents lie two massive oceans dotted with random scatterings of tropical islands along the equator.


Kirti is known for having been home to direct descendants Earth families all traceable to Old Earth itself; specifically the ancient country of Deutschland. Despite its heavy atmosphere, Kirti was discovered and colonized by some of the first spacefarers from Earth. It was first colonized by Johannes Albrecht Kirti, who would give the planet his namesake as well as founding the current global capital, Großneuenwelt.

The original colonists of Kirti built Großneuenwelt and installed the planet’s governmental and economical systems. These founders were thousands of families from the Old Earth nation, Deutschland. Upon the installation of their Neo-Representative-Feudalist-Plutocracy, these families renamed themselves as the Kirtitian Aristrokracy (Die Kirtischen Aristokratie, The Kirtitian Aristokrats) : the major ruling class of the planet. As a symbol of their class and self-identity, the Aristokrats maintained the ancient language of Deutsche(German) over the course of centuries, as well as a bizarre appreciation for the fashion of the 1800’s Western United States of Old Earth, separating them from the English-speaking, modern-fashioned everyday spacers from other sectors.

For centuries, spacers and immigrants coming to Kirti to live and work would enter the Kirtitian society as members of The Underclass (die Unterschict). All foreign, non-german speakers would immediately become working class citizens serving to maintain and uphold all of the aspects of Kirtitian society, largely funded through agriculture and animal husbandry. By way of minor representation through the Aristokrat government, the Underclass was widely content with living beneath the Aristokracy, maintaining the status quo. Until half a century ago when Kirtitian miners discovered vast amounts of precious gems and metals far beneath the surface of the planet.

The Kirtitian Gold Rush invited many spacers, rogues, and profiteers from all reaches of known space to try their best at achieving richness. The Aristokrats openly welcomed the large influx of travelers to better supply their population and economy. However, a secret faction of rogue profiteers slowly began to undermine the Kirtitian Aristokracy by stirring the Underclass and instigating sedition and rebellion. Not three years after the start of the Kirtitian Gold Rush, Kirti broke out into a bloody civil war that would last a decade and cost the lives of millions.

Following the Kirtitian Civil War, the Aristokracy were ousted from power. The secret faction surfaced and assumed control, calling themselves at first The Underclass, followed by the current Kirtitian Hegemony. The surviving Aristokrat families evacuated the planet following orders by the Hegemony to exterminate all members of the Aristokracy. The Aristokrats currently reside in diaspora within a neighboring system, while the Hegemony claims rule over Kirti and the Underclass with an iron fist.


The Kirtitian Aristokratie – Believed to have descended from Deutschland of Old Earth, the Aristokracy currently exist in a massive diaspora away from their homeworld. They speak their ancient language of Deutsch (a gruff language curiously similar to English), and they dress in dark, gritty clothes reminiscent of the 1800s Old West from the United States. Originating from opulence, they now live in relative poverty as all of their material wealth was abandoned on Kirti during their mass exodus.

The Kirtitian Hegemony – Also called the Underclass Hegemony, this new dictatorial government resides over the Underclass in a far more militaristic way than the Aristokrats did. Having used their common roots as spacers and poor workers as common ground, the Hegemony formed a bond with the native Kirtitians and utilized this fraternity to successfully oust the Aristokrats. However, the majority of the Hegemony are off-worlders, originating from their shadowy faction elsehwere, pre-Kirtitian Gold Rush. These differences, as well as the ‘iron fist’ policies of the government, have created tensions between the Hegemony and the native Kirtitians.

Homeworld to Sandoval von Drachtenberg, pilot of the

Kirti is native to a strange plant that resembles the tumbleweed from Old Earth. However, despite sharing the same visual qualities of a harmless, dried-out ball of twigs, the Kirtitian Death Tumble could not be more different, or more dangerous. The Kirtitian Death Tumble (deutsch:der KirtitschenTod Wäschetrockner)is actually a semi-sentient (possibly exhibiting weak telepathy?) plant that rolls in herds, usually following one or two scouts further ahead in a gust of wind, and latches itself onto unsuspecting prey in order to slowly dissolve and digest them for sustenance. Similar to the Old Earth Man o’ War jellyfish, the sting of the Death Tumble is one of the most painful experiences a human can encounter, usually followed by an excruciatingly slow (and often embarassing) death. Despite mass efforts to remove them from the ecosystem, the Death Tumble endures all attempts of extermination. The only recourse has been for Kirtitians to install complex systems of fences around their lands, and to simply love them unconditionally avoid them at all costs.

Ironically, the iconic image of the Kirtitian Death Tumble rolling around the agrarian plains and dusty fields of Kirti is often considered an origin of the Arisokrats’ obsession with Old Western fashion and ways of life.

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