• Atmosphere: Breathable
  • Temperature: Temperate
  • Biosphere: Human-Miscible
  • Population: Millions
  • Tech Level: 4, Postech

The Welsh founded ocean planet of Sashi is seen as one of the most luxurious planets in the galaxy, but those who know it’s true history see it as one of the most corrupt. With priceless ocean gems being the main source of revenue, many wealthy inhabitants reside on this planet as miners. Others either make their living as fishermen or farmers on the other islands. The priceless Sashin gems are only found in the Deep Waters, either on the ocean floor or along the lower walls of the great Bohrs Trench, Sashi’s largest trench that nearly circumnavigates the planet.

The cities of Sashi can only be as large as the islands that scatter across the endless ocean. The capital city of Gethren is on the biggest island on the planet, and is where major corporations have their headquarters as well as nearly all of the major government buildings. Since space is limited among the islands of Sashi, large towers were erected in order to house it’s inhabitants as well as to protect them from violent storms and typhoons when they are in season. There are those who are wealthy enough to house under the sea so that they may gaze across the vast plains of coral reefs and spectate the marine wildlife.

Sashin gems are unlike any other of the galaxy. The combination of the oceans wide range of temperatures with the many levels of water pressure create beautiful crystals of any color imaginable. Different crystals are found in different areas of the oceans, with the most valuable crystals found only at the very bottom of the ocean floor; which is quite the dangerous excursion considering the intense water pressure and the various amounts of dangerous beasts that lurk in the depths.

There are many small mining companies that try to make their names known and to reap the rewards of Sashi’s gem trade, but they all fall victim to the two largest mining companies on the planet. The two main companies are actually run by rival crime organizations, the Xar and the Gwasg. Most have no idea that these companies are run by the two organizations, given that they are very wealthy, and even give back to the community. The darker truth is that even though they both are successful, each side will stop at nothing to get ahead in the gem trade. Both crime organizations have ties to the government, even some of their own members are on the inside, helping pass legislation that gives their respective organization the upper hand. Bribing the government to work in their favor is another tactic used, since these organizations contain nearly all of the wealth on the planet. Bounty hunters are hired, like Myza Moors, to carry out hits placed on important figures of the organizations, or to make sure certain trade deals “go bad”.

There is no clear winner in the power struggle, years of constant back and forth sabotages and hits on powerful leaders creates a stalemate between the two. But the war is not over between the two, as long as they both exist it will never end. With so much power and so much wealth between the organizations, Sashi can be a dangerous place to live if you get caught up making the wrong deals and working in the wrong businesses. Many who have tried to combat these crime lords or who have tried to cheat them simply “disappear”, including whole businesses that either attempt to get greedy with them or don’t agree to certain trade deals. Sashi is a place where you learn your place quick, or you will be met with grim consequences.

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